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Crime Prevention Services

July/August 2014

By Officer Alfred Maciareillo

I would like to introduce myself as the new crime prevention officer for the Village of Riverwoods. My name is Alfred Maciareillo and I have dedicated the past twelve years to protecting the residents of Riverwoods. Prior to my arrival in Riverwoods, I served on the Chicago Heights Police Department for eight years. I have held various positions within the police department including SWAT, NIPAS Mobile Field Force, range training officer, bicycle patrol and senior service officer.

Recently, I completed a 40-hour crime prevention training program. With my new certification, there are a few services that I will be able to provide to the residents and businesses of Riverwoods. I just want to provide a quick overview of some of these services.

I will be able to offer presentations to residents and businesses on topics including but not limited to Bullying, Stranger Danger, Traffic Safety, Internet Safety, Identity Theft, Personal Safety and Workplace Violence.

For Riverwoods residents I can perform a home security survey, which will provide an assessment of security safeguards and risks that I observe at the residence. I will provide the homeowner with guidance on how to correct safety deficiencies using crime prevention through environmental design.

I am available to meet with residents, businesses, home owner associations or any other groups interested to discuss any safety concerns that may be occurring within the village.

Please feel free to contact me at the Riverwoods Police Department 847-945-1130 ext. 231 or email

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