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Building a New Home in the Woods An Update on Village Projects 2017 Riverwoods Village Election Summertime at Brushwood Center Focusing on a Healthy and Native Woodland Controlling Mosquitoes While Protecting Bees

Municipal Electric Aggregation

The Village of Riverwoods voters approved a referendum allowing the Village to enter into an electricity purchasing agreement for its residential and small business customers.

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Green Power Program

All residents purchasing electricity through MC Squared are receiving savings over what they would have been paying under the current ComEd rates.

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Village-To-Resident Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out an interactive tax bill to help you better understand what is included on your bill. Also, below are some of the most frequently asked questions the Treasurer's Office has received. View more on the Treasurer's Office website.

Question: I never received my tax bill. What should I do?
Answer: Call the Treasurer’s office at 847-377-2323 or print a bill on the Treasurer's Office website. Duplicate Tax Bill page.

Question: What if I have my bill, but I lost my payment stubs?
Answer: Be sure to write the parcel number on your check. You can also download a copy of your tax bill with a payment stub at the Payment Status screen.

Question: I did not live here in 2015. Why did I receive a 2015 tax bill?
Answer: The tax remains with the property regardless of ownership. To determine your liability for paying the tax, check your closing statement to see if the seller gave you credit, or contact your attorney.

Property Tax Payment Options

U.S. Mail - Mail your payment using the envelopes provided with your bill. It must be postmarked on or before the due date in order to avoid penalty. To mail in your payment, send it to the Treasurer's Office P.O. Box located in Bedford Park, IL.

Other property tax payment options include: drop box, in person at most Lake County banks, and at the Lake County Treasurer's Office, online, or by phone.

Visit the treasurer's website at for more information, including billing history, property tax exemptions, and more.

Building a New Home in the Woods – A Winning Theme for Riverwoods!

Once again Riverwoods residents pulled together to make a proud statement in this year’s annual Deerfield Fourth of July parade. The theme, Building a New Home in the Woods earned our entry the award of “Most Original”.

An Update on Village Projects

Much has happened since the last edition of the Village Voice.

2017 Riverwoods Village Election - Candidates Sought

On April 4, 2017, the mayor, village clerk and three trustees will be elected to the Riverwoods Village Board. The terms of these positions are for four years.

Police Report: Door to Door Solicitors

Recently, the Police Department has received complaints about door to door solicitors. Here is some information on what solicitors can and cannot do.

Mark Your Calendar – Village Central Park Plan Discussion

On July 19th, the Riverwoods Board of Trustees will discuss a landscaping and centralized park plan for the new Village Hall and surrounding area. The plan has been developed by a noted landscape architect with input and funding from the Riverwoods Preservation Council (RPC), the Plant Committee, and Village staff.

Summertime at Brushwood Center – Nurturing art, nature and discovery

Brushwood invites you out into nature this summer. There are classes and programs for all ages and interests. Here are a few:

Focusing on a Healthy and Native Woodland – One RRA Plant Sale and Community Barbecue at a Time!

The Plant Sale Ladies have done it again. Each spring we can count on them to offer up for sale the best and most popular native plants to add to our woodland gardens. And each year more and more residents are coming on board to order plants and learn about creating and preserving a healthy native woodland environment on their own properties. This year was no different.

Controlling Mosquitoes While Protecting Bees

Having a healthy bee population is critical to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. For that reason questions often arise regarding the effect mosquito spray has on these important pollinators.