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Greetings from Antarctica!

January/February 2015

Tony Kambich, Riverwoods Montessori School

Riverwoods Montessori Kindergarten / Elementary partnership activities this month were especially exciting as we participated in a live webcast from Antarctica.

Did you know that Antarctica is the highest, driest and coldest place in the world? Or that it is one huge desert and in some places it has not rained in over two million years? Did you also know that there is a volcano. And the volcano, Mt. Erebus, is one of the two most active volcanoes in the world?

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn more directly about Antarctica and the scientific studies of the Velvet Ice Expedition Team. Yamini Bala, Deerfield Montessori Children’s House site director, is part of a team of educators and scientists who are doing research over the next several weeks in Antarctica. During an initial live webcast from the McMurdo Station, the Velvet Ice Team shared some interesting facts about Antarctica and their studies. At the end of the presentation we were able to ask some questions that will lead us into our own further studies here at Riverwoods Montessori School. The Velvet Ice Team is now headed to their base camp at the WAIS (West Antarctic Ice Sheet) Divide. We look forward to our next webcast with the team.

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