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Police Report: Door to Door Solicitors

July/August 2016

By Police Chief Bruce Dayno

Recently, the Police Department has received complaints about door to door solicitors. Here is some information on what solicitors can and cannot do.

All Door to Door Solicitors:

  • Must receive a Village of Riverwoods permit prior to soliciting.
  • Must have their Village Solicitor Photo ID with them and produce it upon request.
  • Must not solicit prior to nine o’clock (9:00am) or after eight o’clock (8:00pm) of any day.

Solicitors are required to skip any homes or businesses that are clearly marked with either: ONLY SOLICITORS REGISTERED IN THE VILLAGE OF RIVERWOODS ARE INVITED or NO SOLICITORS INVITED

Written notices must be posted on a legible card, approximately three inches by four inches (3” x 4”) in size, and exhibited upon or near the main entrance door to the residence or business or at or near the entrance of any guardhouse or security gate. The Village has ordered stickers with both message options meeting the criteria. The stickers are expected to be available for free at Village Hall and at the Police Department by July 10th, 2016.

Political, charitable, and religious groups not attempting to sell a product or service are exempt from the permit requirement, but must respect No Solicitation signs and restriction hours.

Residents who observe door to door solicitors commit an infraction should contact the Riverwoods Police Department at 847-945-1820 to report.

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