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And The "Partnerships for Success" Award Goes to...

September/October 2015

On July 14, 2015, the Village of Riverwoods, Riverwoods Preservation Council, and the Riverwoods' Residents Association Plant Committee were awarded the "Partnerships for Success Award" by Chicago Region Trees Initiative during the CTI Annual Meeting and Celebration at the Morton Arboretum. The award is given to individuals and organizations who, working together, have: identified and overcome problems in urban forestry; achieved meaningful results; and had a long term positive impact on the woodland.

The Village of Riverwoods recognizes the value of its diverse set of natural environments, including large areas of upland woodlands, flatwoods and floodplain forest. The Village has adopted a tree ordinance which declared trees to be "an important public resource enhancing the quality of life... .” Among other things, the ordinance requires the approval of the Village Forester for any type of tree work, specifies the size and types of trees subject to restrictions and replacement, and imposes strict penalties for violations. The Village has also adopted an ordinance designed to protect at least 70% of the Village's existing woodlands. Called the Woodland Protection Ordinance, it includes trees, understory shrubs, ground plants, and other vegetation. In addition, the Village has a number of cost sharing (generally 50/50) programs related to woodlands.

The Riverwoods Preservation Council (RPC) is an all volunteer, resident-run 501c(3) corporation dedicated to preserving the Village’s native woodlands and ecological heritage. The Preservation Council wrote and published a comprehensive guide entitled "In Our Own Backyard, a Guide to the Pleasures, Possibilities and Responsibilities of Living in Harmony with Nature". This guide has been distributed to every resident in Riverwoods.

The Riverwoods Residents Association Plant Committee also makes a number of valuable contributions to the Village every year. They conduct the annual native plant sale; educate residents about the benefits of planting natives; and work continuously to promote and preserve the natural beauty of Riverwoods.

The Village, the Plant Committee and the RPC make a great team. It's nice to see that partnership recognized.

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