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Floodplains, Garage Sales and Christina Loukas

September/October 2012

By Rob Durning, Director of Community Services

Planning an autumn construction project? Please note that flood insurance is mandatory, and can be purchased if you plan to build in the floodplain with a loan from a federally regulated lender. FEMA's local floodplain map of Riverwoods is available for viewing at the Village Hall. Staff will help you understand the map and work with your contractor. There are areas of Riverwoods that are designated floodplains and FEMA is steadfast in ensuring that its regulations are followed.

Thinking about holding a garage sale? If you're planning to rid your attic or basement of whatever you've been holding on to for all these years, you'll now most likely need a permit to hold a garage sale. The Village Board recently passed an ordinance regulating yard/ garage/ estate sales. Here are the highlights of the ordinance:

  1. Two sales per year maximum
  2. Each sale cannot exceed three days.
  3. The merchandise cannot be brought in from offsite (with exceptions) and the event must be compatible with the residential character of the neighborhood.
  4. Sales cannot start earlier than 8:30am and cannot extend beyond sunset.
  5. Signs cannot exceed 4 square feet; must not be placed earlier than 24 hours before the sale; and must be picked up no later than two hours after the end of the sale.
  6. Merchandise must be generally confined to the upper driveway.
  7. A permit is required before the sale starts. The cost for a garage sale permit is $5.

The Village Congratulates Christina. Last and certainly not least - On October 14th the Village held a party honoring our very own Olympian- Christina Loukas. Approximately 80 people attended the party at the Deerfield Park District Golf Course. Christina was very gracious to the young and not-so-young among us. It seemed like a camera flash was firing every minute. I hope you came home with an autographed poster and congratulated Christina on her wonderful achievements in London. Christina has made Riverwoods proud and has sparked and nurtured an interest in the next generation of local divers. Christina is blessed with a wonderful and supportive family and coaching staff. I'd like to thank the Village Board, the Loukas family, and the attentive staff at the golf course in honoring Christina on her bright and shining moment in her home town.

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