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Theatre in the Woods

Theatre in the Woods Production of “Squabbles” Enjoyed!

Theatre in the Woods production of SQUABBLES back in March this year was enjoyed by all. Artistic Director Donna Lubow, who directed the play, found audiences receptive to the plot:

Jerry Sloan (John Di Leo of Palatine) is a successful writer of advertising jingles married to an equally successful lawyer (Debbi Dennison of Streamwood). Living with the happy couple is Abe Dreyfus (Jim Scott of Highland Park), Jerry’s curmudgeon of a father-in-law. The situation is exacerbated when Jerry’s mother Mildred (Julie Mitre of Chicago) loses her house in a fire and needs a place to stay. Abe and Mildred can’t stand each other. This play is one hilarious confrontation after another until the heart-warming finale in which the oldsters discover that, really, each is not so bad. Other actors in the play include Ned Ricks of Gurnee, Raj Malhotra of Palatine, and Kathie Keefe Howski of Riverwoods.

The production staff included Jeri Solomon (Producer, Set Designer), Kathie Keefe Howski (Associate Artistic Director), Diane Goldman (Assistant Director), Frank Rose (Lighting Designer), Bob Boxer (Sound Designer), and Mel Vahi (Master Carpenter).

Theatre in the Woods is hoping to find a new performance space soon, and is also looking for a place to store their props and costumes. Any Riverwoods residents who would like to volunteer are invited to contact Donna Lubow at 847-323-0054. Plans are in the works for a children’s theatre production in the fall. You can follow the theatre on Facebook at Theatre in the Woods - Riverwoods.