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Helping Make Riverwoods a Little More Green

March/April 2015

By Jackie Borchew

We all love nature, that's part of the reason why we find ourselves as neighbors in this beautifully wooded community. Enjoying the wild creatures that scurry across our landscape, the solitude of just contemplating under a tree, or the rare sighting of a migrating bird stopping at our feeders. But one of the best things, each spring, is the emergance of the first green shoots breaking through the dirt and welcoming spring.

Now is the time to think about adding a little more green to your corner of Riverwoods. The RRA plant sale newsletter and order form will be arriving in your mail box soon. This annual plant sale is a wonderful opportunity to choose a native perrennial, fern, shrub or tree to purchase and enjoy for years to come. The plant sale team has carefully selected varieties that are native, and well-suited to our climate. So you just select what appeals to you. It's that easy. Order one or order many, and take advantage of the 50- 50 cost-share that the Village offers to help keep Riverwoods green.


The Village is offering this program to assist Riverwoods residents. Native trees and shrubs that grow well in our area can help to replace those lost to disease and pest damage. Any trees and shrubs offered in the plant sale newsletter are part of the cost-share program as well as special order natives. Here's how the program works:

  • The Village will contribute to half the cost of your trees. (up to $600 per household)
  • The Village will contribute to half the cost of the shrubs. (up to $200 per household)
  • Just fill out your order form and half of the cost will be covered by the Village.
  • Although there will be plants for sale at the community day/plant sale event on May 16 at Village Hall, you must pre-order to be sure that you go home with your favorites.
  • Preview the selected plants offered this year.


The Village also offers other options to help you improve your woodland landscape. Canopy tree planting or thinning, buckthorn removal and garlic mustard removal are but a few of the programs that the Village cost-share program can heip you with. Deatils are available at Village Hall and on the village website.

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