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Meet the Village Ecologist

May/June 2015

By: Steve Zimmerman, M.S. Senior Ecologist-Applied Ecological Services

Riverwoods is surrounded by remnant woodland communities that give the Village its interesting and unique character. Many challenges and opportunities arise as we interact with these woodlands and the wildlife that utilizes them. As the Village Ecologist my goal is to "bring the science of ecology to all land use decisions" made in the Village to ensure that the health of the woodlands persists for years to come.

My technical title is "Senior Ecologist" and I began working for Applied Ecological Services, Inc. (AES) over 13 years ago. AES is a long standing ecological restoration firm. I am based out of our West Dundee, Illinois branch office; our main office and native plant nursery (Taylor Creek Restoration Nursery) are located in Brodhead, Wisconsin . We also have ecological contracting services provided by our Huntley, Illinois office.

Over my 15 year career I have had the opportunity to manage many exciting ecological projects involving woodland/prairie/wetland restoration and management, stream ecology, fisheries management, stream and shoreline restoration, watershed and green infrastructure planning, and wetland delineations. Many aspects of these projects include acquiring and administering permits, preparation of construction documents, erosion control designs, and natural resources surveying. In addition, I have given dozen's of ecological related presentations to a wide array of clients.

As the Village Ecologist, I will do my best to provide exceptional expertise, service, and value and I look forward to helping protect the Village's delicate woodlands for years to come.

Steve Zimmerman

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