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Riverwoods Parade Entry Takes Home “Best of Show – Honorable Mention!

September/October 2015

To say that the Village's entry in the Deerfield Family Days Fourth of July Parade was a big success would be an understatement. Originally, we saw the parade as an opportunity to recognize the significant contribution made by the Riverwoods Resident Association Plant Committee, affectionately known as the "Plant Ladies". The use of two trucks had been donated by Riverwoods resident Tracy Bertog and his company, Bertog Landscaping, and banners recognizing the Plant Committee had been obtained by the Village. The plan was that the members of the Plant Committee would be able to ride on the trucks and wave to people during the parade. I should've known better.

Recognizing an opportunity to convey their message of working to sustain our woodland ecosystem, the Plant Committee expanded the Village parade entry to include: signs proclaiming "Plant Native;" a beekeeper with hives, a working smoke gun, and full protective regalia; a host of four-to-five foot tall "bees" that looked a lot like some of Riverwoods' younger residents; and even a six-foot tall viburnum bush that talked and waved to spectators. Our bees passed out butterfly weed seeds and candy to help get our message across.

Our entry in the Deerfield 4th of July Parade was awarded "BEST IN PARADE - Honorable Mention". I think our goal of honoring the Plant Committee was accomplished. We were also able to spread our message to plant native, support butterflies and support the bees.

I would like to thank Trustees Bauman, Chamberlain, and Jamerson, as well as former Trustee Rich Koomjian, for their participation, as well as Laura Tevino and her children Alyssa and Leo, Gale Gand and her daughters Ella, and Ruby, and, of course, the "Plant Ladies" themselves, for their contributions.

John Norris
Mayor of Riverwoods

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