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Halloween Rocks In Riverwoods!

November/December 2015

By Jackie Borchew

While results of the Village survey revealed residents preferences on some very important issues within the Village, the survey reported no findings on our love of Halloween. So I will report here for all to hear that Halloween officially remains a top preference of holidays in this Village.

For the 14th year, since the party’s founding just after 9/11 as a safe event for the children of Riverwoods, our annual village Halloween party has continued on.

This year’s party attracted a flurry of miniature witches, princesses and super heroes. From tiny ladybugs in strollers to the reimergence of the teenage mutant ninja turtle – a favorite of my son some 20+ years ago. And speaking of years, so many Riverwoods children, although disguised in costume, I still recognize as they continue to grow taller and more mature.

So this year, although the rain threatened, the weather gods were watching over us and pulled the clouds back at the final hour so that the party could go on! The horses from Patch 22, Dixie and Dandy, returned to head up the wagon ride, during which the tradition of a sing-along put on by friends of the Deerfield Music Store honored the memory of Bob Gand. The exotic retiles arrived ready to curl around any arm that would be offered, the balloon artist twisted animal shapes upon request, and those resident witches took their place serving pizza and hot dogs. All was well! The evening came off in grand fashion but only because of the help and commitment of so many. So here goes. If I miss you, I’m sorry, but you know that you contributed and should feel very good about it!

Planning, decoration and set-up help goes to Susie Crohn, John Norris, Marguerite Welter, Irene Gagerman, Bruce Dayno, Rob Durning, Rick Jamerson, Al Solomon, Mike Corn, Mike Altschuler, Betty and Phil Dlouhy, Joan Becker, Meghan, Ian, Sadie Grace and Tatum Richardson, Rick Jamerson, and Michelle Smith.

Additional people who worked the party include Mary Dayno, Nicki Norris, Chris DeVries, Rosie Seloske, Teresa Yapp and Menia S., Tammy Parashos and Yianna Soukourelis, Officer Al Macciareillo, our Riverwoods firefighters, Amy, Joey, Matt and Cali Birtman, Louise and Roger Simonson, Sherry Graditor, and special thanks to an anonymous donor of a new popcorn machine.

A special thanks to our corporate and resident friends who donated towards our party; Deerfield Golf Club, LakeShore, Mike Corn, Ray Alyea, Gewalt Hamilton, Northside Community Bank, P.J.’s Pizza, and Lake County Animal Warden Rene and her daughter Kayla and their pet reptiles.

Thank you to every resident and friend who came together to celebrate Halloween in our unique little village.

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