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RPC Bike Drive Exceeds All Expectations

November/December 2015

By Louise Simonson, RPC

On the day of the bike drive heavy rain showers could not deter residents of Riverwoods and some surrounding communities from riding, walking or driving their unused bicycles to the Village Hall. Based on the population of Riverwoods, the RPC directors were told not to expect more than six bikes. Oh, how wrong that estimate was! In the end, a total of 39 bicycles had been donated in all sizes and types: 29 adult, seven kid’s bikes and three specialty bikes (one electric, one unicycle and even one with a side car).

The donated bicycles will be refurbished by members of the not-for-profit Lake County Bicycle Project and will then be distributed to deserving people located within Lake County. To learn more about this organization check out their Facebook page:

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