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West Deerfield Township Hosts a 'Special' Halloween Party

November/December 2015

By Kristen Scott, West Deerfield Township Clerk

Spiderman, Minnie Mouse and Oz’s Dorothy, along with an assortment of ghouls and princesses, enjoyed a festive Halloween party on Oct. 24 for children with special needs and their families, sponsored by West Deerfield Township.

The party aims to provide a low-key, relaxed atmosphere for kids who may be overwhelmed by the traditional Halloween events in the community.

“Children with physical or developmental disabilities may find larger parties and haunted houses challenging,” said Town Clerk Kristen Scott, who organized the event, now in its fifth year. “Too much noise or stimulation can be difficult for some of our kids to tolerate, so we try to provide an alternative celebration. Every child should have a chance to enjoy Halloween in an environment that is manageable for their unique needs.”

Games, crafts, pumpkin decorating, face painting and, of course, Halloween treats helped make the party fun and engaging.

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