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ComEd and the Next Round of Windstorms

March/April 2012

by Rob Durning, Director of Community Services

I imagine that last summer's windstorms are still fresh in your mind. Thankfully, our mild winter caused little if any weather-related power disruptions. One of the effects of last year's summer windstorms was to make standby generators our single most popular building permit in the Village. The public backlash from the disruptions in electrical service is apparently not lost on ComEd. They are readying for the next round of storms with a plan to keep our new generator engines exercising as little as possible. Three principal customer service improvements are ready to go into action according to ComEd:

  1. Two-way text messaging - This enables customers to text their outage to ComEd and then receive up-to-date information back in return. Customers who sign up for this service can text OUT to 26633 (ComEd) to report an outage.
  2. A doubling of phone lines into their call center to improve emergency response times.
  3. A State-of-the-art mobile command center - In the event of severe localized damage, ComEd claims to be prepared to deploy its new million dollar, state of the art, regional mobile command center, which can house 25 engineers, dispatchers and other assorted staff. The command center is fully equipped with the latest communications, satellite and video conferencing technology. It can be deployed to the hardest hit areas after a storm.

ComEd is also improving on communicating to municipal officials with twice a day spreadsheet reports while power is being restored.

It still holds true that if you encounter a downed power line, immediately call ComEd at 1-800 Edison1 (800-344-7661) or access their website at and report the location.

Let's hope for a season of long standby times for our generators and calm nerves.

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