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Building a New Home in the Woods – A Winning Theme for Riverwoods!

July/August 2016

Once again Riverwoods residents pulled together to make a proud statement in this year’s annual Deerfield Fourth of July parade. The theme, Building a New Home in the Woods earned our entry the award of “Most Original”.

Stuffed woodland animals, an opossum, raccoons, a duck and one brave eagle (along with a few visiting friends like a lion and a bear) adorned a framed-out structure representing the upcoming construction of our new village hall. Resident volunteers walked alongside the two decorated flatbeds dressed as construction workers in hard hats to hand out candy and SWALCO sun glasses made from recycled materials to children along the route. And Mayor Norris found it much cooler this year to don a hard hat rather than his usual viburnum bush.

Thanks goes out to Village resident Tracey Bertog and his crew from Bertog Landscaping; to Trustee Michael Baumann, Laura Trevino, and their children Leo and Alissa; to Trustee Rick Jamerson and his grandson Logan; Jackie Borchew; Chief Bruce Dayno; Building Clerk Meghan Richardson and her children Tatum, Sadie Grace, and Ian.

It was a great day for a parade. We all realized how lucky we are to be part of such a wonderful community. We hope that you will join us next year!

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