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The Village has installed a municipal water system primarily through the use of Special Service Areas to provide Lake Michigan water to a majority of Village residents. A large minority of residents continues to rely on private wells for their water either living in an area not served by the Village water system or choosing not to hook up to the system. The Village draws its water from Lake Michigan through an intergovernmental agreements with Northbrook and uses Swanson Water to provide routine service and system maintenance. The primary and continuing goals of the Water Department, is:

Water News

Our new water system installation is in full swing. Many of the water meters have been upgraded so that they now transmit the water reading right to my computer here at the Village Hall. The reads come in every hour on the hour, transmitting from two different cell towers in the village.

There are several different groups yet to be upgraded. Residents in each group will be sent a letter informing them when it is time to call Swanson Water Treatment for an appointment to have their water meter modified. This appointment should not take much more than perhaps 10 or 15 minutes. Once the water meter is located, a new transponder head will be added.

As soon as you receive that letter, please do call and make an appointment as soon as possible in order to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please feel free to call the Village Hall with any questions or concerns that you may have about this upgrade. The number here is 847-945-3990. There is no fee to you to have your meter upgraded.

If you are planning on going out of town for an extended period of time, please do call and make an appointment to have this modification made even before you receive your letter. Swanson will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. They can be reached at 847-680-1113 weekdays between 8am and 4pm.