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Home Alone Program: Each business day the village will call any senior who wants to chat and check on your well being. Older residents who live alone and/or have health problems enjoy the daily contact that provides security for them. These calls are usually scheduled for a time convenient for the senior.

Handicap Parking Cards: Please fax application, to 217-524-0019. The State of Illinois will process the form, issue the placard and mail it to your mailing address. Temporary cards, good for three months will be available.

Voter Registration: Seniors can register to vote at the village hall.

Medical Screening is available for seniors at Brentwood North.

Transportation: The Village of Riverwoods in aggrement with 303 American Taxi offer discounted taxi service for seniors who register for this program with Village Hall.

Deerfield Park District offers a senior van Monday thru Friday, 9am-4pm. The general service area is North to Route 22 and South to the Lake Cook Road Extension of I-94; East to Green Bay Road, West to Milwaukee Road inclusive of the Highland Park Fitness center. Price $3.00 one-way ride, Circuit Breaker eligible $2.00 one-way ride. Reservations are taken daily.

They also offer a prescription delivery service from Walgreens in Deerfield for people 62 & older and or disabled adults. There is a $5.00 charge per delivery on a C.O.D. basis.

Vernon Township has Dial-A-Ride Bus. Transportation is available anywhere within Vernon Township. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. One-way fares are Adults $1.80, seniors 90 cents, children and high school students (with ID's) are 80 cents. Reservations are needed 24 hours in advance. Call 847-634-4600.

The Lincolnshire/Riverwoods Fire Department has a program called Lifelines. Paramedics will come to the house to fill out a medical packet. Stickers with the information are placed on the refrigerator and at the door. The citizen must call the Public Education Officer to make an appointment. 847-634-2512

Other Services:

Brentwood Bites

By Lynn Bruch, RN., MSN Director of Clinical Relations, Brentwood North Healthcare

Follow-Up Care after Hospitalization

Make sure you talk to your doctor about any care you may need after a hospital visit, including how to take new and old medications and when to make follow-up appointments.

People who receive clear instructions at the time of discharge can cut down on health-care costs, because they are less likely to visit the emergency room or be readmitted to the hospital for after care.

Source; Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Are You Spending Too Much on Prescription Medications?

People often equate price with quality, believing that a higher price gets you a superior product. In the case of prescription drugs, however, that belief could be leading you to spend more money the necessary.

As a healthcare consumer, here are important things for you to know about generic drugs:

A generic drug is chemically identical to its brandname counter part, but typically costs much less.

Consumers save $8 to $10 billion dollars a year when they purchase generic drugs. In 2007, the average brand-name prescription cost 119.00, while the average generic cost just over $34.00.

Many health insurance plans pay greater percentage of the cost of a generic drug than a non-generic drug.

About 75% of all brand-name drugs have a generic equivalent. As top-selling brand-name drugs lose their patent more and more generic will become available.

You can find out if a medication has a generic and how much you could save if you switched to a generic version by linking onto Food and Drug Administrations "Electronic Orange Book" at and, or ask your pharmacist.

Most doctors are receptive to patients who ask for generics. If a generic is not available, there may be an alternative medication in the same class of drugs that is available in generic form.

Sources: The National Association of Chain Drug Stores; U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Keep the Conversation Moving

If meeting new people pumps up your stress level, learn to listen carefully and ask questions (like who, where, what, when, and how) to make conversation easier.

This will take the pressure off yourself to come up with clever responses and make the other person feel like you're genuinely interested in what they're saying.

Source: Good-bye to shy, by Leil Lowndes, McGraw Hill Publishers

Brentwood North Healthcare & Rehabilitation Centre is a JCAHO accredited sub acute facility located on 16 residential acres in Riverwoods, IL. Brentwood has been serving many of the area's surgeon's, specifically neurological, orthopedic and cardiovascular, and are committed to providing the highest level of nursing and rehabilitative care. For more information contact Lynn Bruch at 847-947-9111 or at

The Serious Issue of Elder Abuse

You may not be a victim of abuse, neglect or exploitation, but you may know someone who is and needs help. Many older people who live at home are at risk of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation by family members and others close to them. Victims of abuse are often isolated, and they may be afraid or unable to seek help for themselves.

If you suspect elder abuse occurring to an individual who is at least 60 years old, we encourage you to call the police at 847-945-1820 or the Illinois Department on Aging Senior HelpLine at 866-800-1409. The names of all reporters are kept confidential and people are also allowed to make anonymous reports.

The Elder Abuse and Neglect Act provides that people who, in good faith, report suspected abuse or cooperate with an investigation shall be immune from criminal or civil liability or professional disciplinary action. It further provides that the identity of the reporter shall not be disclosed except with written permission of the reporter or by order of a court. Anonymous reports are also accepted.

Illinois Department on Aging Elder Abuse and Neglect Act 01/99

Waste Management Offers Discount for Seniors

Overview of Senior Discount: Waste Management now offers a senior citizen discount to assist seniors who may very well be on a limited budget. There is an assumption seniors create less trash than single family homes, and therefore will be given a discount for using a lesser amount of service. The Senior Citizen Discount is only available to seniors who live alone, not with their extended family.

Customer must provide proof of age, minimum of age 62, to Waste Management. Once the proof is received the account will be adjusted and the credit given for future months if appropriate. The discount will go into effect the month following the receipt of proof of age and address.

Acceptable Proof of Age: The senior should send in a copy of his or her Driver's License, State ID card, Firearms Permit, or another form of identification that includes the resident's birth date and the current address. The address must match the service address on the account. Please do send birth certificates, christening documents, etc. Only the above items are acceptable.

Send Proof To: Senior Citizen Discount Waste Management, 1411 Opus Place, Suite 400, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Customers may also fax the request to 866-863-4834. It should be sent to the attention of "Senior Discount."

For further information contact Sergio Garcia, CSR WM Waste Management, Inc. Phone: 630-515-3752 Fax: 866-863-4834 Email: