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The office of the Village Engineer is responsible for plan review and construction oversight to ensure that public and private development improvements comply with Village standards, as well as County, State and Federal regulations.

The Village Engineer also prepares construction plans, specifications and contract documents for the construction of Village sewer, water and roadway improvements. Field technicians with the Village Engineer's office provide coordination between residents, contractors and Village staff during construction projects.

In addition to construction-related services, the Village Engineer provides responds to inquiries from Village staff and residents regarding stormwater drainage and floodplain management, location of Village-owned utilities, right-of-way and property surveys, subdivision review, mapping services, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and traffic studies.

Proposed Deerfield Road Bike Path; Benefits your Health, the Environment

At a recent Village Board meeting Lina Hoffman, North Suburban Coordinator for the Active Transportation Alliance, formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, spoke on the benefits of the proposed Deerfield Road Bike Path.

The mission of the Active Transportation Alliance is to make bicycling, walking and public transit so safe, convenient and fun that we will achieve a significant shift from environmentally harmful sedentary travel to clean active travel. They advocate for transportation that encourages and promotes safety, physical activity, health, recreation, social interaction, equity, environmental stewardship, and resource conservation. They serve the entire metropolitan region.

The proposed bike path would have many benefits including reducing traffic congestion, providing non-motorized access to Riverwoods and nearby communities, and increasing the safety and the health of Riverwoods residents.

65% of trips under one mile are now taken by automobile
50% are three miles or less.
28% are one mile or less

Also, as you know, this path would link up with existing trails: the newly completed Deerfield Road to the east and the Des Plaines River Trail, especially once Lake County DOT completes it. In addition, once the Skokie Valley Trail is completed it would provide a great east-west route from the SVT trail and connectivity to the near northern suburbs. Also, this path would provide access for residents of Riverwoods to Deerfield and Buffalo Grove.

Bike paths are the safest ways to commute by bicycle: the danger index on a bike path is .67 as compared with riding on a sidewalk where the danger index is 5.32 times more likely to crash.

In addition, obesity rates are up nationally, and that includes Illinois where over the past 13 years the rate has gone up over 10 percentage points almost doubling its rate in 1995. Options like walking and biking can help enable people to lead a more naturally active lifestyle.

Finally, I understand that funding sources might be particularly helpful, Riverwoods can tap into funding sources like the Municipal Capital Improvement Program, IL Transportation Enhancement Programs, Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality, Safe Routes to School, and the IL State Bike Path Grant Program by IDNR.

We support wholeheartedly the proposed bike path, particularly because increased multi-modal access for residents is good for environment, good for the local economy and in decreasing congestion.

Increase in local property values: The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey ranked a trail as "the second most important neighborhood amenity for home buyers.

Better physical health: Despite our prodigious resources, Americans are not as healthy as people in many other countries. Heart disease, addictions, obesity and diabetes are among our high-incidence health problems. Urban driving exacerbates these disorders. Bicycling is preventative or therapeutic for all of them. Bicycling develops balance, coordination, and strength. It tones the body, burns calories, improves LDL and HDL levels and strengthens the bones.

Bicycling is a great relief from the symptoms of depression and anxiety. And the list goes on and on... safer, quieter neighborhoods, better air quality, increased sense of community. A bike path is good for everyone.